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When Drake Met Sully

The metal door flew open with a bang and Nathan jumped from where he’d been bent doubled over retching into the gutter, just barely dodging the older man who was roughly tossed from the warm glow of the bar to the cold street of the alleyway; he could hear the bouncer mutter something about “conning his girlfriend” as he tossed a large, crumpled sheet of paper after him and then disappeared back into the bar, while the man shook his fist from where he lay against the graffiti-covered bricks of the building opposite, yelling “She didn’t mention you when I showed it to her last night either!” at the firedoor (which had been shut with a resolute crash just as loud as the one that had opened it)…and in the same breath turned to Nate, pointed his cigar butt at him menacingly, and said, “What’s the matter, kid, you never seen a man with a $100,000 treasure map get thrown on his ass before?”

I wrote this one-sentence fic last Draketober in anticipation of U2:AT’s release. Wanted to share it with y’all!

(submitted via cogsandgears)