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I LOVE Uncharted, you go on to play for a couple of hours and you look at the clock and it’s four or five hours later - I get completely in to it - Just amazing.
Well, we are looking at a lot of stuff, none of which I can probably talk about on the record. I think people are already assuming, “Look, if this game does well, it seems it’s doing well, there will be more to come.” Based on the genre, action-adventure — a classic genre there — there is no limit to how many games we could make, as long as people still want to see more adventures with Nathan Drake. Obviously, none of us want to wear our welcome out, but we are still having a lot of fun with it, and we think there is a lot of untapped possibilities there. Certainly we will be exploring that some more.
Amy Hennig

I actually curse technology for advancing; it’s bad enough crushing on fictional characters in television shows, but now (thanks to the almighty graphics engines at Naughty Dog and Nolan North’s frankly smouldering vocal talents) I find I have an obsession with a man in a VIDEOGAME.

…it doesn’t matter how ground-breaking or phenomenal “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” winds up being. I can guarantee you, all I’m thinking is another 10-12 hours staring at this man’s ass.


When playing the first Uncharted, I actually tried to keep track of how many men Drake and I had eliminated. Even my most conservative estimate amounted to something like 320. That pace did not slacken in Uncharted 2, which is why I am compelled to see at least some ironic humor in Zoran’s last speech. Although his line of thought is never given much credence by the narrative or any of the characters, he raises a good point. What is the difference between the murderer I control and the murderer I play against? The one I play as looks like the good guy from the cutscenes, Naughty Dog suggests with a wink.