yes I’m still doing that color palette meme that everyone’s moved on from cuz I’m slow as hell

Nathan Drake in #3 for echelondriac! He’s running away from supernatural danger, armed thugs, and/or explosions after having disturbed an ancient site that is almost always guaranteed cursed. Also he might want to adjust his hold on that relic which could whiplash really hard and hit him in the face


Nathan Drake + Faceless [Sully + Faceless]



Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Competition - We Love Fine
Submission 2 - Dreamers of the Day

’’Artwork inspired by Uncharted 3, with my favorite characters from the game: Nathan, Sully and Elena. I went for the filmposter look which could also fit on a shirt..’

Vote Here [Voting Opens August 12th]

This was my second submission the the contest, I’ve chosen to do an Illustration.

This competition is very important to me. I have loved Naughty Dog ever since the first Crash Bandicoot game, which also inspired me to want to draw in the games industry. I’ve loved every single one of their games since then. I still rock at Crash Team Racing (come at me bro) and still play Uncharted 3 and the Last of Us online. I’ve collected some of their figurines, among which: the Jak and Daxter gamingheads statue. 
Did I meantion that even Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin are among the judges? Hell yes!

What can you win? A trip to the Naughty Dog studio

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lksjdgklaj beautiful omg.


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Have you tried Uncharted: Fight for Fortune?

I haven’t!! Have you?!


Sully + Money/Treasure



okay nate, so he headbutted you… but you fucking hit him with a pool cue. i’d headbutt your pretty face too if you did that to me. 


Listen kid, I’ve had your back for 20 years. I’m not going anywhere - obviously.